Born 1983, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia
2003 - 2009 Academy of Fine Art and Design Bratislava, Printmaking and other Media studio of Prof. Dusan Kallay
Petr Včelka is focusing on drawing and painting. His work stems from realism and abstraction as well as aesthetics and narrative potential of comics as medium. He explores the tension between abstraction and figuration and the outcome of his work is specific personal fold (between) of them. He is an extraordinary drawer, whose drawings and especially sketches looks very spontaneous, naturally and are made with great ease. The texture of his work is rough which is grounded in his focus of intuition of the moment and material which he is dealing with. As very important supplement of his black and white body of work he is nowadays experimenting with painting in according to expand potencial of color and the allure of texture in his work.
In this series of my drawings, I question my own experiences, the borders of drawing as a form of media and the position of a creator in the society. How much influence can an individual have in what is happening around him? In what form? Should a narrator of personal stories, in the time of all these social crises, feel guilty?Intuitive reaction to a surplus of information and visual perceptions from the outside, is my income to considerations of my own individuality. In the making of art, I consider the „concept of unconceptual“ as the only authentic possibility of self-expression. One of my leitmotives in the serie of drawings is a circle. Hidden, sometimes slightly more outgoing symbol – an imprint of one of my specific child memories. The other symbol is a latent presence of somehow uncertain floral motives and structures. Do they evoke extinction or an inception? Is it a reflection of the outside world? What does the individual mean to a society nowadays?
solo exhibitions

Petr Vcelka: GREYZONE, ABC gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

Petr Bulava, Petr Vcelka/ OF THE ELEMENTS, The Museum of Moravian Slovakia, Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic

Petr Vcelka: MONOCHROME, Prostor 39/Space 39 Gallery,Prague, Czech Republic

Petr Vcelka: komiks, The Gallery of Fine Arts (GVU), Hodonin, Czech Republic

Petr Vcelka, Marina Paulovicova, Martin Sevcovic, Embassy of the USA, Bratislava, Slovakia


group exhibitions
Nulta hodina/Zero hour, The Gallery of Fine Arts (GVU), Hodonin, Czech Republic
Linoryt II., Gallery Klatovy / Klatovy castle, Klatovy, Czech Republic
Dusan Kallay and his students 1990 - 2018, Rosenfeld castle, Zilina, Slovakia
Youthful Gathering XIV. triennial, The Gallery of Fine Arts (GVU), Hodonin, Czech Republic
Winter selection 6, Flat gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia
Memento Tiziani, The Museum of Moravian Slovakia, Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic
Trienniial of Book Art Martin 2016, Turiec Gallery, Martin, Slovakia

Memento Tiziani, Archbishop chateau, Kromeriz, Czech Republic

Grafika, Museum of Trencin, Trencin, Slovakia

Slovak art juniors Tirana - Bratislava, Art Galeri Kledio, Tirana, Albania

Generation Zero, Czech centre, Paris, France

Generation Zero, AAAD Gallery,
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Czech Republic

Disconnected. Connected!, Czech centre, Prague, Czech Republic
International Conference of Design and 3D CUMULUS”, Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia
Exhibition of the graphic symposium LINO 2007, Gallery in Klatovy, Czech Republic
K.O.MIX, Gallery for Youth, Nitra, Slovakia
Aspiration exhibition, Schubert Haus, Trier, Germany